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About PCSA

The Polish Centre for African Studies (PCSA for its name in Polish) is the first independent, non-governmental organisation in Poland and Central Europe devoted exclusively to the study of contemporary Africa. The main goal of the Centre is to carry out rigorous academic research and produce relevant policy analysis with regards to Africa, mostly in the fields of Economics, International Relations and Political Science. In producing such analysis, the PCSA aims to contribute to the revitalisation and deepening of economic and political relations between Central Europe and Africa.

Our objective is to provide quality knowledge about Africa to general population, experts and scholars.

The PCSA also seeks to strengthen cooperation among and between Africanist academics in Central Europe. As part of this, the Centre will engage in awareness raising activities aimed at deepening the knowledge and understanding of Africa and through contributing to research capacity in the region on Africa. The Centre aims to be a focal point for academic interest in Africa in Central Africa and a hub for research on the continent. This will be facilitated through different forms of collaboration with Africa-oriented institutes in both Europe and Africa and through the undertaking of joint projects, the hosting of workshops and conferences etc.

We aspire to be the go-to-source for informastion about Africa in Poland and Centreal and Eastern Europe.

Drawing from existing expertise, the PCSA aspires to be the reliable partner for governments, NGOs and the business sector interested in Africa in Central Europe. To this end we will offer high-quality research studies and in-depth analysis as well as the dissemination of reports covering a wide range of topics and countries.