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Fatal Transactions

Fatal Transactions is dedicated to transform Fatal Transactions into Fair Transactions: Transactions that truly contribute to sustainable peace and reconstruction in Africa.

Fatal Transactions is an international network of NGO’s who believe that the natural richness of Africa, be it gold, diamonds, oil or copper, can be a motor behind development and stability instead of a source of conflict. Revenues from natural resources often stimulate or continue conflict and human rights violations and threaten the just established fragile peace. In the meantime only companies, some individuals and corrupt governments profit while the local population hardly benefits from their countries’ natural wealth.

Fatal Transactions gathers information, organises events and does research. This way Fatal Transactions can show the link between conflict and human rights violations and resource extraction. Fatal Transactions acts as a critical watchdog towards governments, companies and international institutes and lobbies for more corporate social responsibility in resource extraction.

Researchers from PCSA were the “Polish arm” of the project in the years 2007-2009. The results of the project have been published in a book: Zgubne transakcje. Fatal transactions. Surowce mineralne a rozwój państw afrykańskich