/Norwegian inspirations in the Ugandan oil revenue management

Norwegian inspirations in the Ugandan oil revenue management

The main purpose of the research is to answer the question whether Uganda as a second generation petro-state can avoid oil resource curse phenomenon. Research hypothesis states that African countries where oil has been discovered in recent years operate in different international arena and with dissimilar domestic factors compared to countries that after decolonisation were based on monoculture economy. Consequently, the discovery of oil resources in certain countries of Sub-Saharan Africa does not entail occurrence of oil resource curse phenomenon.

Project’s findings were published in two following articles:

Polus, Andrzej, Wojciech Tycholiz. 2016. “Why is it Taking so Long? Solving the Oil Extraction Equation in Uganda.” African and Asian Studies 15(1): 77-97.
Polus, Andrzej, Wojciech Tycholiz. 2015. “The Norwegian Model of Oil Extraction and Revenues Management in Uganda.” African Studies Review.