ABORNE is an interdisciplinary network of researchers interested in all aspects of international borders and trans-boundary phenomena in Africa. The emphasis is largely on borderlands as physical spaces and social spheres, but the network is also concerned with regional flows of people and goods as well as economic and social processes that may be located at some distance from the geographical border.

ABORNE is primarily a forum for academic researchers aiming for a better understanding of African borderlands, but it also welcomes individual members and institutions whose work is of a more applied nature. ABORNE aims to provide a lively platform for debate, the sharing of knowledge and the co-ordination of research activity, conferences and publications. ABORNE in Poland is coordinated by Professor Jerzy Zdanowski.

The following article have been published as a side activity of the project:

D. Kopiński i A. Polus (2012), Is Botswana Creating a New Gaza Strip? An analysis of the ‘fence discourse’, In Udelsmann Rodrigues, C. (ed.) Crossing African Borders: migration and mobility (pp. 83-96), Center of African Studies (CEA)/ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon: University Institute of Lisbon